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. the state legislature voted last month to legalize same-sex marriage there. the law took effect today. the state's marijuana laws allow couples to register for a lightning and be married on the same day. hawaii is the 16th state to allow same-sex marriages. >>> it's going to be cool out there tonight, but not as cold as it will be coming up. the clouds are going to stay for the most part above freezing. when the clouds clear tomorrow, things really do change around. here comes the cold front. at midnight, you see maybe a little drizzle or something along the coast. maybe a few sprinkles. here comes the front, it sort of passes through. that's tomorrow morning at about 7:00 a.m. as we go through the day, it clears out. those clear skies tomorrow afternoon are going to make way for a very, very cold night tomorrow night and then again on wednesday. so tomorrow, cooler during the day, and much colder tomorrow night. when i come back, i'll get specific with which cities will be the coldest in the five-day forecast, when things will begin to warm up again. we'll see you back here. >>> our
and it was pretty exposed. >> reporter: it was 8:30 this morning. this mother-in-law unit was full of flames. >> he was jumping around. my feet is hot. my feet is hot. >> reporter: that flame man named charles came shouting to his neighbors that his futon caught fire while he and his father slept. >> the covers caught on fire and he was trying to put it out with his feet. >> he said he went back to get his son. >> reporter: he said in the heavy the smoke and flames he ran out quickly to get a breath of fresh air and he ran back to get his son. >> i think with the space heater when you get those elements hot enough. they do combust. >> reporter: the 44-year-old dad who escaped this place with his son is lucky although it may not seem like it right now. >> i said you're a hero. you saved your son. you're a hero. it was heartbreaking because he kept saying it's christmas. it's christmas. why does this happen to happen. everything i have is in there. of course i started crying. >> reporter: the red cross will help with housing. but the family of three need to find a place to live. she tells me from the
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2